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Just like everything else in life, the world of roofing technology is rapidly evolving before our very eyes. Part of being the top commercial roofing company in Tucson means keeping up with the latest roofing technology and using it to benefit our customers.

At Storm Damage Specialists, we have invested in the latest high-tech devices to ensure you get the best roofing experience. Whether it’s using specialized equipment to analyze roof hail damage or a specialty crane to lift materials without damaging your precious landscape, we truly go above and beyond for our customers. Read on to learn more about the equipment we use at SDS that far surpasses roofing contractors.

Roof Inspection Technology

Ensuring the integrity of the roofs we install or repair is paramount to preventing future leaks and damage. Moisture is one particular concern that can lead to serious consequences if undetected and unaddressed. Fortunately, advanced tools are now available to efficiently identify, measure, and monitor moisture within roofing materials.

Infrared Roof Moisture Testing

Infrared Moisture Reading for Roofs in TucsonPart of a comprehensive roof inspection involves infrared roof moisture scanning. This technology allows us to see what’s occurring beneath your roof’s membrane without damaging the roof system. At SDS, we use FLIR Pro IR Cameras to identify wet insulation and moisture in your roof system, which can lead to leaks. The warm spots on a thermal image indicate where the saturated areas are holding heat compared to the rest of the roof.

Thermal imaging cameras can create detailed maps of commercial low-slope roofs, showing where excess moisture is trapped, pinpointing the source of a leak, or identifying regions of compromised insulation. A huge advantage of Infrared (IR) roof inspections is that they are non-invasive to your roof system. These images help pinpoint saturated areas of the insulation without having to rip off the top layer of the roof.

Our team uses IR scanners to assess the extent of water exposure on a structure efficiently. This information is crucial in deciding what materials can be salvaged and what needs to be replaced, optimizing the construction process. Infrared imaging also proves essential during the rebuild process. Continuously monitoring moisture levels helps us guarantee installation quality and compliance throughout roofing and rebuilding.

Roof and Wall Moisture Scanner

Roofing Moisture Scanner for Roof Inspections in TucsonWhen dealing with the aftermath of any disaster that involves water intrusion—from heavy storms and monsoons to fires—we need a reliable, swift way to assess the extent of water damage. A moisture meter can provide the documentation required for flat roof insurance claims or FEMA registration following a disaster.

The hidden threat of water damage can lead to long-term issues such as mold growth and material rot. Roof moisture meters, specifically the Tramex moisture inspection tools we use at SDS, deliver fast and accurate moisture readings. Like IR scanners, these devices are designed to evaluate an entire roof’s moisture condition quickly and non-destructively. They’re perfect for identifying and tracking leaks and locating and mapping moisture in insulation and roofing materials.


Microscopes aren’t just for biology class—we use them to inspect hail damage at SDS! Often, hail damage is not obvious to the naked eye. That’s why we use high-tech microscopes to detect even the smallest hail hits that could lead to leaks and more extensive water damage.

Other Impressive Tools That Set Us Apart from Other Tucson Area Roofers

Our toolkit goes beyond roof inspection equipment. Here are a few more examples of new technology our team is using to deliver the best commercial roofs in Pima County:

Equiptor 4000 Roofing Trailor

Equiptor 4000 Roofing TrailorWe invested in the Equipter 4000 to boost efficiency, effectiveness, and customer satisfaction. This debris management tool is designed to maximize productivity and minimize laborious cleanup. This roofing trailer is a self-propelled, towable powerhouse designed to easily traverse all terrains on the job site. Thanks to an evenly distributed weight and tight turning radius, it avoids damage to your property.

A standout feature of the Equipter 4000 is its 4-foot roll-back functionality. This allows the container to be placed above exterior features, such as flowerbeds and bushes, considerably reducing the risk of property damage. It drastically cuts cleanup time by up to 80%. This efficient debris management system ultimately results in fewer damages, more referrals, and a higher retention rate of quality craftsmen.

Green Roofing Technology

In this era of environmental concern and energy efficiency, we are proud to say that SDS is at the forefront of utilizing Green Roofing Technology. We recognize that traditional roofing methods aren’t always the most eco-friendly or energy-efficient, which is why we have incorporated cool roofs into our service offerings.

Cool Roofs

Cool roofs are the pinnacle of modern roofing technology. Unlike conventional roofing materials which absorb sunlight and heat, cool roofs are designed to reflect these, keeping your commercial or industrial building comfortable and energy-efficient. The result is a building that is up to 50°F cooler than those with traditional roofs, leading to a decrease in energy consumption and utility costs.

At SDS, we provide a variety of cool roofing materials for low-sloped or flat roofs. Whether it’s BUR, single-ply, spray foam, or modified bitumen roofing, we can equip each with highly reflective elements to maximize energy efficiency and minimize heat gain.

Solar Roofing

One of the unique aspects of our service at SDS is the high-quality underlayment we use when repairing or replacing roofs with solar panels. We only use premium, self-sealing products designed for shingles, tile, built-up, and foam roofs. Despite their simplicity, these products provide some of the best available protection, sealing themselves around any penetrating objects.

While these products can be more expensive than others on the market, we firmly believe in their superiority. We have witnessed numerous leaks from cheaper synthetic alternatives claiming equal protection. Because of our commitment to quality and our customers, SDS offers these superior products while competitors continue to use lower-quality alternatives.

Self-Healing Roof Coating

Self-healing roof shingles are a transformative innovation in roofing technology. They are built to last with a Class 4 hail resistance, a Class A fire rating, 130 mph wind resistance, and UV protection.

The hallmark feature of self-healing shingles is their exceptional ability to revert to their original condition following damage. This design’s self-healing characteristic significantly reduces the time and money spent on roof repairs.

Equipped with built-in self-healing technology, these shingles eliminate the need for additional repairs for minor scratches. These impact-resistant shingles, made from thermoplastics, utilize solar heat to mend surface damage. Despite the stress, thermoplastics retain their durability, breaking down into smaller monomers under extreme heat. As they cool, they revert to their original form, effectively sealing any prior damage.

How Our Technology Benefits You

Everything we do at SDS is done with our customers in mind. Here’s how our technology investments benefit you as our customer:

Time and Labor Costs

El Encanto Tucson AZ Historical Building Roof ReplacementMuch of our technology is used to make our process more efficient, saving you time and labor costs. The Equiptor Roofing Trailor is a great example. We will also rent special cranes and telehandlers when needed to give us easy access to your roof.

Protection of Your Property

Not all roofers care about protecting your property. At SDS, we are meticulous in our efforts to protect your building and landscaping. In fact, we are so well-known for our diligence that the Tucson Botanical Gardens and El Encanto historical condominiums hired us to replace their roofs. In both cases, we had to acquire special equipment to get the job done right. We do whatever it takes to deliver a top-quality roof without impacting what matters to you most.

Insurance Claims

Hail often creates micro-fractures that are invisible to the naked eye. We recently saw a few roofs that didn’t look like there was a lot wrong with them. Last week we had an engineering appointment at one of the commercial jobs we’ve been helping with their insurance claim for six months. The damage from the hail hits had started to open up because of the moisture that infiltrated. The heat began expanding everything and causing further damage. This is a perfect example of why we use this equipment and technology in our inspections. The idea behind this equipment is to avoid waiting six to nine months for those hail hits to open up to show the insurance company that there was actual damage.

Most insurance policies give you six months to two years after the storm to file a claim. The standard is usually a year after the event, after which the claim becomes a very difficult fight. Five to 10 years ago, we started noticing a shift in insurance companies where they seize any opportunity to deny a claim. That’s why we’re spending money on technology to make it easier to prove the legitimacy of your insurance claim.

Peace of Mind

These tools allow us to conduct pre-emptive scanning on some of our client’s buildings that are currently in good condition. Then, we can show readings year after year to show exactly if and when moisture becomes a problem. Ask us about using this technology as part of your roof maintenance plan to save you costly repairs down the road.

Step into the Future of Roofing with SDS

The future of our business depends on embracing the future of roofing. SDS stands at the forefront of the roofing industry, seamlessly integrating the latest roofing technology into our operations. We specialize in designing, repairing, replacing, and maintaining an array of commercial roofing systems, providing a diverse range of solutions for commercial, industrial, and retail centers.

As the roofing industry evolves, we continue investing in technologies that increase efficiency, promote eco-friendly materials and practices, and reduce costs to our customers. Contact us today and see why commercial building owners across southern Arizona trust SDS for revolutionary roof repair, installation, and maintenance.

Roof Inspection Technology in Tucson

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